Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us over the years! We greatly appreciate your business. Email your photos to with a one or two sentence testimonial and we will post it here. 

Tori and Les


"Dayne is a humble master of glass and his bamboo glass art is the perfect touch to my backyard bamboo planter. I can't think of a guest that has not admired his work and how it blends perfectly with nature."    -Greg


Carol and Don


"We love how Calcifer Glass' accent pieces compliment the tranquility an energy of our waterfall feature. The colors are so vibrant, and the pieces add extra 'pop' to our naturalistic landscape design. We also added a few extra whimsical pieces just for fun and to add a little surprise to those wandering the yard!"    -Darci and Don

"I've been slowly adding to my garden glass collection over the years, but it will never be complete! I love the bumblebee. Can't wait to pick the next piece."    -Meg


"Went to the Edmonds Farmers Market and bought two glass pieces. We brought them home and put them into our yard, but quickly decided that we needed a few more, so drove back to the market the same day and picked up three more pieces. They are so much fun to have on our deck in the planter box, plus out in the front yard by the pond and fountain surrounded by the giant ferns. They just bring a smile to your face every time you look at them."     -Sandy and Matt

"Installed three bamboos at three heights (6 sections total) so that they all were poking to of our Japanese maple tree. Put solar lights at the top of each bamboo to cap it off and continued enjoyment of the glass art at night."    -Tim


"Perfect colorful addition to our glass collection. Enjoying them everyday, with the goldfish pond and waterfall in the background, while eating at the nook."    -Tony and Kathy